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2 min readMar 25, 2022

By Samantha Baer, AIUSA Women’s Human Rights Coordination Group

International Women’s Day (IWD) is commemorated in March (on the 8th), a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Women, girls, and people who can become pregnant are powerful leaders and changemakers, and this month we celebrate all those working toward the goals of gender equality and social equity for all people.

Without access to full-spectrum sexual and reproductive healthcare, which includes abortion care and contraception, people who can become pregnant cannot exercise their human right to bodily autonomy and are impeded from reaching these ideals. Recent decisions in Colombia and France to expand abortion care are excellent steps in the right direction, since it is well known that accessible, legal abortion care improves patient safety and decreases pregnancy-related deaths.

Here in the United States, where a pregnant person lives, as well as their socioeconomic status, can severely limit their access to safe and legal sexual and reproductive healthcare. Many unnecessary restrictions on abortion care have been enacted across the country, all with the ultimate goal of banning abortion care entirely. These restrictions and bans are already making abortion almost inaccessible in multiple states, including Texas, leading to surges of patients seeking care in neighboring states and causing prolonged delays for this time-sensitive care.

During this month in which IWD is celebrated (and every day!), we encourage you to speak out in support of access to safe, legal abortion care across our country. With these resources, it’s easy to learn more, get organized, and take a stand!

● Take 30 seconds and sign this petition telling the U.S. government to protect the right to access abortion.

● Check out this brand-new abortion toolkit from AIUSA — it was made with activists like YOU in mind and includes tons of resources and tips for designing a campaign plan and taking action.



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