#PowerOfUs Meet Our Member: Talima

Becoming a student activist with Amnesty International was completely accidental. As a student of journalism, I had an assignment to cover events on campus. The Amnesty International Club on campus was hosting a Banned Book Week Event. I was curious as to what it was all about so I decided to cover that event for the school newspaper. I went to the meeting as a journalist to interview the club and I have not left the table yet. That was back in 2015.

One of the reasons I stayed with Amnesty International was/is because of the people. When Amnesty International uses the hashtag #FAMNESTY, they mean it. People from all walks of life coming together support each other in our work and to take action on what we have in common: human rights. As a Black woman with a Puerto Rican heritage, fighting for my rights and the rights of my community are nothing new. However, I found a home for my voice (loud and proud) with Amnesty International.

Another reason I stayed with Amnesty International was due to their ability to bring the resources to the students and volunteers; equipping us with the tools to become human rights defenders. I attended my first regional conference (shout out to the West Coast) in 2015 and it literally changed my life. There were so many dedicated people fighting the good fight that I could not see myself walking away from Amnesty International.

Attending the regional conferences and the Annual General Meetings have become a way of life for me and I attend as many as I can. I have built lasting friendships and more importantly, a network of individuals I can count on to help me fight the good fight. The work I do, on and off campus, reflects the tenacity of my team and community. I am committed to personal excellence because shining my light gives other people permission to do the same.

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