#PowerOfUs Meet Our Member: Steve

I have been fighting for social justice and equal rights my entire adult life. I began writing urgent action letters for Amnesty around 1980 in the days of snail mail. I would occasionally get responses and was always surprised but overjoyed that my letters were in fact read.

I was taught from an early age that fairness and fair treatment for all people regardless of difference including race religion ethnicity sexual orientation and the like were the most important values I could have. I spent my career as a civil rights lawyer always fighting for people who were being abused by authority whether it be government authority or employers. It seems to me that the scales were weighed heavily in favor of authority and it was important to resist abuses. Amnesty is a wonderful movement of people with similar values, interests and a sense of activism and a sense that each individual step when joined with hundreds of others could make a difference, and it has. When I retired from the practice of law I joined a local group and soon became the group leader. The group, sometimes pulling me along, has put on major events around Guantánamo, freedom of the press, solitary confinement, Myanmar and Ethiopia. It is a joy to participate in these events and to educate the world outside of Amnesty.

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