I’m Worried About Hungary. You Should Be Too.

Sounds of the KLIToris// A KLITorisz hangjai
The Muzsikás band: forgotten rural Jewish folk music-”Szól a kakas már”.
Drag performances at Gödör Klub.
Posing with Kaloyan, a classmate, as fellow Pride Unicorns in Hungary, marching with Amnesty International
Protest against anti-Semitism in the Jobbik party
Protest against anti-Semitism in the Jobbik party
“The struggle over CEU is not just about that unique university, it is about all universities, and it is about liberal democracy” — CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff
“About three years ago, I spoke at a demonstration in Budapest. I said back then Ukraine learnt a painful lesson. We realized our rights and freedoms only when we lost them. Therefore, I believe we should not encourage dictators or let them decide for us. We should exercise our rights and freedoms, while we still have them, because the price of gaining them back is usually our life’. What is happening these days…increasingly looks like Ukraine of Yanukovych times. I hope Hungarians won’t repeat our sad history and ensure democratic checks and balances on time, before it gets too late.” — Margaryta Rymarenko, CEU Class of ‘13

“I cannot give a description of the person talking with the megaphone. They all look like each other. The migrants are all bearded and have black hair. I couldn’t tell you who was there as he looked like a typical Arab with a big nose and a beard”.

This blatant racism was not a surprise in an atmosphere with posters nationwide with “the people decided, we must defend our country” written across them, and when in February, Orbán told Hungarian mayors “we do not want to be a multi-colored country” and earlier argued his aim is “to keep Europe Christian”, demonizing those seeking safety in Hungary.

More than 22,000 people send messages of solidarity to Hungarian civil society. Photo credit: Amnesty International Hungary



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