Fact vs. Fiction: What you need to know about the caravan passing through Mexico on its way to the USA

Fiction: If Mexico or the United States doesn’t turn people back or detain them, more people will come

Fact: There is scarce evidence to suggest that increasing border restrictions has any effect on whether people leave their country or not.

Fiction: The people in the caravan just want to earn more money and take jobs away from citizens of the countries they arrive in.

Fact: While poverty is a major issue and may affect people’s decisions to leave Honduras and other countries, their reasons for leaving are often more urgent than simply economic ones and involve life and death decisions.

Fiction: People who hope to seek asylum once they reach the southern border of the USA should not be let in

Fact: This is simply not true. Under both US law and international law, anyone who seeks asylum at a port of entry into the United States must be received, allowed to request asylum, and referred to an asylum officer for the of review their claim.

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