BREAKING: Top Prosecutor in Peltier’s Case Calls for His Release

By Emily Walsh, Campaigner, Individuals at Risk Program

When I first heard that the top prosecutor in Leonard Peltier’s case — former U.S. Attorney James Reynolds — had publicly called upon President Obama to grant Leonard’s release, I was happily shocked, but not surprised.

Mr. Reynolds’ office oversaw the prosecution of Leonard Peltier’s case and fought his appeal. His support for clemency is therefore extraordinary. But it is also unsurprising, given the serious concerns that many people, including the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, have expressed about Leonard’s case for decades.

The time for action is decades overdue.

Mr. Reynolds’ stunning letter of support is another strong reason why President Obama must act now to grant clemency for Leonard Peltier, on humanitarian grounds and in the interests of justice.

This may be Leonard Peltier’s last chance.

He is now 72 years old, suffering from serious health conditions, and his next parole hearing is scheduled for 2024. It is critical that President Obama act to grant clemency for Leonard before leaving office.

Please join me and over 100,000 people by signing Amnesty USA’s petition to President Obama urging his release.

It is time for Leonard to come home.

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